Two Campaigns, One Data-Set


Start-up online pharmacy and doctor service based in the UK.


Devise innovative content marketing campaigns to engage with a millennial audience and achieve backlinks from high profile publications.


Following the old adage ‘sex sells’, we begun working on a sex workout calculator. You simply input the sex and weight of you and your partner, before selecting a series of sex positions and their duration. Our data set provides the results to show you the amount of calories expended in different sex positions per minute. We combined this data with information about which muscle groups would be used in each position and the equivalent calories in food to summarise your sex workout.

After the success of the calculator, we decided to take the dataset further. We’d found it really interesting that so few calories are burnt during exercise, so we decided to embrace this idea and look at the calories burnt in different olympic events and how they compared to the sex position data from our previous dataset. This lead us to developed a timely infographic with a freelance designer to coincide with the start of the Rio Olympics in 2016. Having reframed the data and added some copy, we were able to use the same data to tell a different story: showing how the calories used in different sex positions relate to olympic events.


The Sex Calculator was a highly successful campaign, receiving exposure in The Huffington Post, The Sun & The Daily Mail amongst others.

Building on this, our Bedroom Olympics campaign really helped us go the extra mile, receiving international exposure in Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star and others.

The high profile backlinks from these campaigns significantly improved the search engine ranking of the online pharmacy while also increasing public awareness of the brand, especially amongst a millennial audience.